Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Half Bath Mini-Makeover

Yay, a completed mini-makeover to share! Over the weekend we painted the entryway (still being set up, but pictures coming soon!). There was half a gallon of that pretty green paint left, so I couldn't help but add the half bath to the list, too.

I did have grand plans to go with a cute stripe in here, but laziness won out. Maybe in a few years when everything else in the house is done / adorable (HA!), I'll have the motivation to tackle more creative things. But for now, this feels like a big victory - one (itty bitty) room in our house is now looking a-okay.

The before shots above are actually better than what I was starting out with because there were two truly horrible bathroom cabinets over the toilet and sink. You can see the creepy shadows on the walls where they once were. Since we have a full bath upstairs with storage aplenty, I was fine with getting rid of those cabinets down here, and there's still some storage under the sink for my blow dryer and cleaning supplies. 

This room was clearly a blank slate, and we certainly won't be don't anything major to it in terms of renovations. But if I had been the one designing this bath, I would have gone with pedestal sink to free up some real estate - it's a very narrow room. And for the love of Nancy, I would have centered the toilet on the wall (!!!).

I've tried to counteract that left-leaning toilet by centering the art work above it (obviously), but also adding a free-standing toilet paper thingy-majig and putting the tissues in the middle, too. It helps a little? If anyone has any additional brilliant ideas, I would love to hear!


  1. It's the little changes like this that feel so good--quickly finished, inexpensive...they're the best. An off-centered anything drives me nuts, so I feel your pain with the off-centered toilet. You can always cheat and hang the artwork centered over the toilet (not centered on the wall) to hide the true placement of the toilet. Either way, it looks bright and fresh and clean in there!

  2. The bathroom looks great--I am glad to see you still have that tissue holder. Very cute!

    1. Ha! Have I had that since our A3 bathroom?!?! If so, it's probably one of the household things I've had the longest!

    2. Hahaha! I was JUST going to comment on this!! If the bathroom is any indication of what the rest of the house will look like... two thumbs up!


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