Friday, November 8, 2013

Sets in the West

There have been some amazing sunsets in Boston this week! I think I snapped this on Tuesday night? One of the best things about the new house is the view from our back deck, which faces west. We're up on a little hill, and there's this great view of the sky peaking through the roofs and trees.

This weekend I'm going to finish painting our front door red - it currently has one coat of paint on so it looks hot pink. Hopefully our neighbors aren't too worried! And I'll maybe tackle the treads of the stairs, too; we'll see how motivated I am :) The past few weeks, we've been furiously painting and cleaning and setting up, and I think it's time to take a bit of a step back. So tomorrow night we're also planning a fun dinner here, and something else good for Sunday, too. If the weather cooperates, a hike, and if not, a museum.

Happy weekend to all! Here's to not painting too much.


  1. The sunsets really have been perfect lately, haven't they? I have a huge window next to my desk, and that almost makes up for the fact that I'm usually at work WELL past sunset!

    How was dinner at jm Curley's? I've only been for drinks, which were delicious, but I've been wanting to go back for dinner.

    1. Dinner there is super fun! Really yummy burgers + fancy bar snacks. We actually ended up at Lord Hobo in Cambridge last night instead, though. My first time there, and it was such a great spot!


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