Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Laundry is getting very, very cute around here! I realize the novelty will soon wear off, but for now, good grief. Striped baby leggings and duck hats and teeniest, tiniest socks are filling me right up with happiness.

This is a silly question, but how many clothes did you bring to the hospital for the baby? Just one full outfit?! Any other strange things you placed in your bag that you were glad you had? All I can wrap my mind round is toiletries and magazines for me, and so I have a little bit of research to do...


  1. So cute! I didn't use half the stuff I brought to the hospital, but it doesn't hurt to bring whatever seems important anyway! I would say one newborn outfit and one 0-3 month outfit. The hospital will probably have a little shirt for the baby to wear while there (and diapers). I recommend packing some decent clothes for Peter--nothing fancy, but like nice T-shirts that you won't mind seeing in all your photos.

  2. Baby laundry is always fun! But eventually that sweet baby laundry turns into toddler laundry with mud stains and rocks in the pockets :) As for what to pack in your bag, I suggest bringing one newborn outfit and one 0-3 month outfit. Also, comfy clothes for you to wear when you can finally get out of that hospital gown. And slippers! Also, HOORAY for flipping the baby! Thinking about you and Peter as your await the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

  3. Thank you both for your advice - I so appreciate it!!!

  4. Baby laundry is so sweet! (Spoiler, it's still so sweet at 12 months! The baby ensembles just kill me! ROMPERS!!! I can't get enough of them.)

    I packed one going home outfit and it was plenty. I also brought one aden and anais blanket for the car ride home but otherwise we just let her wear the little shirt the hospital provided. We even used their baby blankie the entire time we were there.

    For myself...I brought a new pair of loose yoga style pants (a size larger than I normally wear) and a new soft and thin robe. I'll defn be bringing the same items this next time. Also, I bought an inexpensive pair of cute house shoes that I wore only while I was there and tossed before we went home (hospital floors are gross - I know from working as an RN in hospitals and didn't want to bring house shoes home with me).


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