Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boston Walk-about

This weekend! It was just the loveliest. After painting my heart out on Saturday morning (actually, all three days of the weekend including painting - if feels never-ending, but we actually only have one room left!), Peter and I went into Boston to spend the afternoon at the Gardner Museum. It was the final weekend of their annual nasturtium display in the courtyard - so beautiful. They don't allow photos in the museum, so I took this quick picture in the lobby. Total aside, but I think all museums should prohibit photography - it's so distracting. I always want to be like...just buy the book in the museum shop!

From the museum, we walked through Kenmore and up along the final mile or so of the marathon route. It was packed with runners and visitors checking out the final stretch and the finish line, and I'm really happy we were able to see it.

And then we walked over to the Common. Things are just starting to bloom, and the sun was shining on our backs, and there was a wedding photo shoot happening on the foot bridge (Poor bride - everyone in the park was questioning her fashion choices. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones, fleece-covered Bostonians!).

We had a yummy dinner at JM Curley's, and our nice server brought me a bag for my left-overs when we were getting ready to leave around 8:30 p.m.. He was like, "The night is young! Who knows where it will take you." And I wanted to say, "No, sir, this night is actually very old, and my feet are about to fall off." But we just smiled and pretended that yes, we were about to do something cooler than head back to our suburban neighborhood and fall happily into bed after watching Louis C.K.'s opening monologue on SNL.

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