Friday, October 2, 2009

What to do

I am so excited about this weekend because I am:

1. Taking my very first golf lesson (What do you wear when it's colder out and you're golfing? I brought skinny capri's and corduroys, but I'm not sure about either option. I asked Peter and he said, "Call your Mom!" And I did. But she never answers the phone, so I still don't know.)

I hope it's starting to look like this in the Berkshires.

2. Going to a fabulous food talk at the Mount (with Amanda Hesser!!!) (Amanda, if I get to meet you, can we hug? I would really love that.)

3. Having a fun meeting with our wonderful wedding caterer at Mezze (If you ever find yourself in Williamstown, MA, you should go here. It's awesome.)

4. Seeing Sufjan Stevens on Sunday night (I hope he's wearing his angel wings!!!) (Also, how many paratheses can I add to one little post?) (You'll soon find out.) (Did you count yet?) (I counted eight sets.) (Including that last one.) (Oh my gosh, I am funny. (!))

ANYWAYS. I am sad that we're going to miss the Pickle Festival in NYC on Sunday. We love pickles a whole lot. If you're in New York, go and have a pickle for us, okay?


  1. It's been so long, Julie, and I can't believe I missed it -- you're engaged! Congratulations :) Planning a wedding is so much fun. Sometimes stressful, but really, really fun. Oh, and we sure have a lot in common: golfing, Sufjan Stevens, and pickles. (If Nick knew there was a pickle festival in NYC this weekend, he may not have come to PA!) Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thank you so much, Emily! We are both very excited!

    And oh, the similarities! I do wish you guys were going to end up in NYC. Luckily, online friendships are lovely, too.

    Hope you have a wonderful autumn weekend, too.

  3. My vote is skinny golf and definately can still pass because it just turned fall :) have such a wonderfully fun autumn weekend...can't wait to hear about it :) puppy update to come soon...


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