Friday, March 5, 2010

Hence, perfect

Is your mom's birthday around this time of year?  It really seems like the perfect time for a mom to have her birthday.  Maybe that's because my Mom's birthday was yesterday.  Hence, perfect.

To celebrate this perfect birthday time, Peter and I made a special dinner for her last Saturday night.

A long story that has been much shortened: my parents were supposed to be in Santa Barbara this week, but my Dad got sick, and they had to postpone their trip.

This seemed so very sad to me because I've been to Santa Barbara and I know how wonderful it is, and I know they would have loved it so.

I had this brilliant idea that we could recreate Santa Barbara in the Berkshires by drinking fun wine from that area and planning a menu based on Bouchon's dishes.

Just a little FYI: as awesome as Western Massachusetts in February is not, and never will be, Santa Barbara.  We gave it a shot, though.  It was a lovely meal.


Field greens with pear, almonds and lemon vinaigrette
Risotto with shrimp, shaved fennel, crispy prosciutto, tarragon and baby peas


  1. That dinner sounds FANTASTIC! I'm practically starving now for having read this. And I love Hitching Post pinot - will have to try the Sanford!

  2. Thank you!

    That was my first time drinking Hitching Post, but I totally fell in love. Such a great special occasion wine.


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