Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy summer!

(photo from my sister!)

We took a break from packing last night to walk over to Brooklyn Heights one last time. We had dinner at Jack the Horse Tavern (a serious favorite of mine -- the smoked trout salad is insanely good!) and then walked along the promenade. 

Speaking of breaks: the last few years I've taken a few weeks off from posting while in Brazil and then Hawaii. While we aren't going anywhere very exotic this year, we do have engagements and weddings to celebrate, cute babies to snuggle and beach days to enjoy. Posting will likely be light (if at all) until about mid-August.

Wishing you a very happy few weeks of summer! Hopefully there will be lots of sun and sand and gin involved :)


  1. Have a wonderful time away, my dear. FYI: I sent you a birthday card and hope it makes it to your apartment this time! :)

  2. I cannot believe how soon you're leaving! We are packing too, but much more leisurely. I think it's going to be all the little random things at the end that gets us (a zipcar, in addition to the real movers, will probably be in order).

    PS How was Eleven Madison Park?

  3. Happy summer! Enjoy the parties and weddings and cute babies, and drink some extra gin for me :)

  4. i'm readying myself for a bit of break too - wedding related of course! hope you feel refreshed and renewed with your time off! enjoy! x

  5. Ashley, our mail is being forwarded - fingers crossed! I love mail.

    Kate, EMP was incredible! From start to finish, best meal of my life.

    Emily, thank you! I will certainly have an extra fun gin cocktail for you and peanut :)

    brie, I was actually thinking about you when I wrote this, imagining that you will be off soon on a wonderful break too! Sending all the best in these frantic last few weeks!

  6. Ooooh, packing... I'm still busy un packing. Anyhow I wish you luck in packing, moving, and unpacking! Can't wait to see your new place and hear about all your little trips. We don't have any huge trips planned this summer either. We do have a long beach weekend on the Gulf shores though and a wedding up north, so those will both be fun. :)

    Happy Summer to you too! :)

  7. Happy summer to you, too! And happy celebrations (weddings and babies and beach days, oh my!)


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