Friday, September 30, 2011

Making yourself at work

I don't speak very much about my professional life here on Fresh Basil, but I can tell you all now that the last few months have been a bit strange for me, work-wise. When we moved away from New York, I left behind I job I adored. After many (many!!!) interviews, I've recently started a new position. It's early days still, but I think I will love it just as much!

I've been slowly bringing things into my new office that make it feel a bit more homey. I have a painting hung on the wall, a cute table lamp, a drinking glass, real silverware for when I eat lunch, some tea and a scarf. I usually have cute stationary and stamps at my desk too, just in case I need to send a note. These would be perfect!
Tell me, do you nest and bring personal things into the office, or does this seem sort of over the top?

P.S. My family went to the Big E last weekend, and my sister put up a couple cute posts about we saw and ate! The fair is still going on this weekend, in case you want to experience fried cookie dough balls for yourself :)


  1. i have a cute coaster a friend gave me and photos of le boy. plus some plants...alive things make it all better.

  2. I love to make my office more home-y. I have a gorgeous painting, my pens in a mason jar, a pretty lotus bowl for my paperclips, and lots of artsy things on my cork board. You have to love the space you work in! I do need to get some plants, I think.

  3. Congratulations on the new job! They are certainly lucky to have you.

    And I love the idea of making a workspace more homey. That is just my intent for the desk of my next job.

    Have you seen They have the coolest desk accessories in very fun, very "pop" colors.

  4. Julie, if my job decides to make a real employee aout of me after all this time, I am definitely going to do something like this.

    Also, I just realized I too only have 100 pages left in Fair and Tender Ladies and just had a panic about saying goodbye to Ivy!

  5. Congrats on the new job, hope you grow to love it just as much, if not more than, previous job.

    The owl lamp is very cute! :)

  6. congratulations on a new job!!

  7. Congrats on the new job! And yes, making the office homey is a must. I have photos of Paris, a map of Oxford, tea stashed in a drawer, and a tea tin to hold pencils. Makes the workday so much more vibrant and fun.

  8. Love knowing that you all bring lots of extra, homey stuff to the office, too!


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