Friday, June 29, 2012

Sweet June

(Photo courtesy of my sister)

This month has been glorious, filled with beach days, grilled burgers, oodles of homemade ice cream, dinners out with friends, delicious cheese, cheering for the Red Sox*, swaying to the Beach Boys, fried seafood, a favorite new book, an improved golf swing, welcoming cold press coffee back into our lives, and a very happy first two weeks of summer vacation. 

We are ending this delightful string of fun with a bang - Garrison Keillor and Arlo Guthrie at Tanglewood tomorrow night. Yay!

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful June finale weekend!

*I know some (Peter!) think this blasphemous, but I consider myself to be a duel citizen of Red Sox Nation and Yankee fan-dom. We can still be friends, right?


  1. Sarah takes the most beautiful pictures! Have a lovely weekend at Tanglewood!

  2. I am with you as a dual citizen of the red sox nation and a born-and-bred new yorker (ergo, a yankees fan.) My husband (of almost three weeks!) doesn't quite get it, but I feel like I don't tremendously care about either team, so there's enough space in my heart for both!


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