Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End of Summer Feast: Menu Options

(Painting from the amazing Lulie Wallace)

I can't believe that Peter is heading into his fifth year of teaching, but it is fast approaching. If any of you are entering your first year as a teacher, I send you so much love! I wish I could make an end of summer feast for you, too.

Here are the celebration menu options:

Peter, my dear, what looks good?!

P.S. Previous end of summer feasts can be seen here, here, and here. I didn't post in 2009, but I found an email with the menu: antipasto plate, balsamic and rosemary Florentine steak, and apple pie with cheddar crust. That was a good one! 


  1. well i'd vote for the tapenade, the lobster, the peach and bacon salad, and ice cream...

    i love this idea! what a neat way to celebrate the beginning of another year!

    ps - i just started following you on pinterest, i can't believe i've gone this long without following your every style move!

    1. Peter chose this exact menu (with the exception of ice cream - peach tart instead!). Great minds!


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