Friday, September 20, 2013

Minuteman National Historic Park

I started my next graduate class two weeks ago, and it is kicking my butt so far! It's on critical theory (not my fave, so far at least). After hours of reading and paper writing last weekend, we went to Minuteman National Park in Concord for a bit of a break in the great outdoors.

It was lovely! There's a great walking path that you can hop onto at all different spots around town. Along the walk there are a bunch of old houses that you can pop into (for free!). The one below was open when we got there so we took a peek inside. The guide told us that it was inhabited full time until the 1960s - can you even imagine?!

Happy weekend, everyone! We're heading to the Big E tomorrow with my family for eat-your-face-off-fest 2013 and I am MOST excited about it. Hope there's something fun in store for you, too!

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